Covid-19 and Your Dental Appointment

We, at Centre Dental, are vigilant on the development of COVID-19 situation while simultaneously continuing to offer the best-in-class services to our patients.  In the next few weeks we offer reduced office hours.  Please check our website often for last minute office hour changes.

We have always followed “universal precautions”.  These are infection control practices that apply to all medical settings, regardless if there is an actual infection or not.

As COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are committed to maintain a safe environment for our patients and staff.  Please be known that we will be instituting the following practices in addition to the Universal Precautions listed below:

If you feel sick, have a fever, or think you may have been exposed please contact us to reschedule your appointment.

It is our goal to keep our patients as healthy as possible. Thank you for the trust you place in us.

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