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Drinking red wine and coffee causes tooth discoloration, as does the aging process, but Dr. John Shi at Centre Dental in New York City, located in Chinatown, can help. Using a potent, yet safe, bleaching agent, his patients can smile brightly once again and even look more youthful. Schedule your first appointment for teeth whitening with Dr. Shi by calling his office or using the online booking tool.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What types of tooth discoloration does teeth whitening correct?

As you age, your teeth naturally get darker as the enamel -- the outer portion of your teeth -- wears away. Once the enamel erodes, it exposes more of the darker-colored dentin below. Typically, your teeth look more gray or yellow when this occurs.

Your teeth may also lose their luster because of certain foods and drinks you consume, such as red wine, tea, or coffee. The colors in these beverages attach to the surface of your teeth and stain them.

Tobacco use is another culprit of tooth discoloration. It happens when tar from the tobacco bonds with your teeth. Although tar is naturally a dark substance, nicotine begins as a clear substance until it reaches oxygen, then it becomes dark and stains your teeth as well.

Who isn’t eligible for teeth whitening?

Trauma and certain medications may discolor your teeth, but unfortunately, Dr. Shi can't resolve such stains.

Before Dr. Shi starts whitening your teeth, he must examine them and fill in any cavities first. An unfilled cavity would allow the whitening agent to seep into the decayed area and reach the inside of the tooth.

If you have receding gums, it can make your teeth more sensitive, so you might not be able to have the procedure if your gums are receding.

What can you expect during a teeth whitening?

Typically, you need 1-3 visits to see optimal results. During your first visit, a hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth via a standard dental cleaning.

After the cleaning is complete, Dr. Shi applies a gel containing hydrogen peroxide that whitens your teeth. This specialized teeth bleach is safe but much more potent than any over-the-counter whitening agents available. Dr. Shi applies a laser or light to the area to enhance the solution’s effectiveness.

Book an appointment online or by calling Dr. Shi’s office today for a whiter and brighter smile.

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