Now accepting Telehealth appointments. Schedule a virtual visit.

We Offer Teledentistry and In Office Emergency Appointment

Please book a virtual remote appointment with us for consultation of any dental related issues (Invisalign, Implants, Pain, Infections, etc).  We can provide visual exams to assess urgent nature of your condition.  For true emergencies that require in-office visits, we can provide treatment after the consultation.  For many other conditions, we may prescribe antibiotics or other medications to control the situation while we are in state of lock-down. Please use the following link to book an virtual appointment: 

Use the link bellow or scan QR code  

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Pain-Free Dentistry is Coming to Centre Dental Soon

With the recent purchase of the most advanced Solea laser, we can soon provide revolutionary pain free dentistry to most dental patients. No injections required for most dental procedures! Great news for dental phobic patients.

We are Open

We are fully open as of today. To ensure safety of our patients and staff post-Covid-19, patient appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. Enhanced infection control protocols are implemented to make visit safe.