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We Offer Teledentistry

Has COVID-19 stopped you from visiting dental offices? We can help.  We understand that emergencies still happen regardless if there is COVID-19 pandemic or not.  While our office are still open for business at much reduced capacity, we realize it might be benefitial to provide remote care access--teledentistry in the face of the new reality. 

There are many ways you can use our teledentistry services:

Our teledentistry services should be covered by many insurance plans. Availability is as follows:

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Pain-Free Dentistry is Coming to Centre Dental Soon

With the recent purchase of the most advanced Solea laser, we can soon provide revolutionary pain free dentistry to most dental patients. No injections required for most dental procedures! Great news for dental phobic patients.

We are Open

We are fully open as of today. To ensure safety of our patients and staff post-Covid-19, patient appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. Enhanced infection control protocols are implemented to make visit safe.