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Choose Invisalign to Enhance Oral and General Health May 27th, 2021

During the Pandemic, we have witnessed more and more emergencies involving cracked teeth resulting in tooth loss.  Of these cases, many of them are due to malocclusions: crowded or mal-positioned teeth.  Equally prevalent are periodontal/gum diseases that are mostly attributed to mal-occlusions. Mal-positioned teeth create oral hygiene challenge to average...

Snore Laser Therapy Dec 16th, 2020

Centre Dental is Now Offering Rapid Relief for Patients Who Snore Introducing New Solea® Sleep Available at Centre Dental   Centre Dental in New York is now offering Solea® Sleep, a new laser therapy that provides rapid relief for snoring. This simple, non-surgical procedure takes only 5 minutes to perform,...

Centre Dental Provides Covid-19-Safe Services Jul 9th, 2020

Before Your Appointment:        Our staff member will call/text each and every patient a series of screening questions to make sure every arriving patient is healthy.  Each patient will be asked the same questions at the door to make sure nothing has changed since the phone call.  In...

Dentistry is Safe According to MIT Researchers Jun 15th, 2020

For the full artical, please follow the link (Safe businesses to visit now).  A summary is here. 

We are Open Jun 7th, 2020

We Remain Closed for the Month of April but Open for Emergencies Mar 31st, 2020

For true emergencies, please call us at 212-925-7066. For all others, please use our tele-dentistry services by booking an appointment at Http://     

We Offer Teledentistry and In Office Emergency Appointment Mar 24th, 2020

Please book a virtual remote appointment with us for consultation of any dental related issues (Invisalign, Implants, Pain, Infections, etc).  We can provide visual exams to assess urgent nature of your condition.  For true emergencies that require in-office visits, we can provide treatment after the consultation.  For many other conditions,...

Teledentistry, Virtual Care, Remote Consult, and Emergency Appointments Mar 20th, 2020

Starting this weekend (3/22/19), we will provide only emergency care in office.  We will start taking virtual care appointments as part of teledentistry. More details will follow. 

We Offer Teledentistry Mar 18th, 2020

Has COVID-19 stopped you from visiting dental offices? We can help.  We understand that emergencies still happen regardless if there is COVID-19 pandemic or not.  While our office are still open for business at much reduced capacity, we realize it might be benefitial to provide remote care access--teledentistry in the...

Covid-19 and Your Dental Appointment Mar 17th, 2020

We, at Centre Dental, are vigilant on the development of COVID-19 situation while simultaneously continuing to offer the best-in-class services to our patients.  In the next few weeks we offer reduced office hours.  Please check our website often for last minute office hour changes. We have always followed “universal precautions”. ...